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If someone is arrested in Plano, Texas for a crime, generally they must see a judge or a magistrate before a bond is set. Because of staffing issues, the judge or magistrate may not get there quickly. It can be anywhere from minutes, to hours, to days before someone sees a magistrate.

That's where we come in. In certain instances, we can file a Writ of Habeas Corpus to force the jail to set a bond. This can only be done in:

- Misdemeanor cases
- NO Family Violence/Assault cases
- NO Felony Cases
- NO Traffic Tickets

We first file paperwork to require a bond be set. This will change a "no bond set" to a bail bond. We then post that bond as your surety so that your friend or loved one can be released from jail.

Our law firm has put together a comprehensive overview concerning Collin County Writ Bonds in order to better inform you about the situation your loved one is facing. It is important to understand that the law and procedure in each state is different.

After reviewing the material specific to Plano Writ Bonds (Writs of Habeas Corpus), please feel free to contact our law firm:

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