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Frisco / Plano Writ Bond Process
Collin County Attorney Writ Bonds

If someone is arrested in Frisco, Texas for a crime, generally they must see a judge or a magistrate before a bond is set. Because of staffing issues, the judge or magistrate may not get there quickly. It can be anywhere from minutes, to hours, to days before someone sees a magistrate.

1. You will need to hire an attorney to handle the case. I will review the issues with you over the phone to determine if your case is one where a writ bond can be filed.

2. I will meet you (usually at the jail) to get you to sign some paperwork. I will fill out paperwork and get some bond paperwork signed by the jailed individual as well.

3. I will then head to the Collin County Jail to file the Writ of Habeas Corpus, along with the bond paperwork, and other paperwork. This will force the jail to set a bond.

4. I will then write the bond for the jailed individual. This will allow them to be released.

5. The Collin County Jail will then send a fax to the local (Frisco or Plano) and release the jailed person. You can remain there to give them a safe ride home.

6. I will already have given you plenty of materials for the jailed person to know "What happens from here." This will include upcoming hearings, our representation of them, etc.

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